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A chance for a new beginning

The Real Estate Company of America Inc. has been assisting people like you to find a better way of life and move back to Mother Earth in the Okanogan Highlands of North Central Washington State for over 40 years.  Come see why my family and I have spent most of our free time in this pristine, year-round recreation/retirement location 

Bonaparte Lake is one of hundreds of Alpine Lakes in the Okanogan

Hundreds of Alpine Lakes, Plus, over 2,500,000 acres of the Okanogan National Forest and State Forest lands for you, family, and guests to explore for a lifetime of nature at its best

Walker Lake is one of our States finest fly-fishing lakes

With 300 days of sunshine, warm summers, and mild winters make the Okanogan Highlands a place to spend your time with nature at its best.  If that's not enough, the Canadian Okanagan is just a few miles to the north