How to buy Land

Want help finding your dream property?

Below we have prepared few questionnaire that will work to both of our benefits in helping you find your dream property. This will help us with your decision and allow us to better filter our selection of properties to fit your needs an desires. RECA has always followed six rules of real estate guideline no matter whether purchasing, and or selling any property. Please proceed by filling out the questionnaire bellow and finish by hitting the “Send” button

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1. Location: What do you want a property to do for you?

2. Access: Do you want to be on a blacktop road, or as far away from blacktop as possible?

3. Building Site: Do you want a sloped parcel for a daylight basement, view, privacy, or a flat parcel?

4. Exposure: Do you want full sun for gardens, (south slope being the best)? Do you want lots of snow in the winter, (northern exposure gets less sun and more shade therefore the snow stays longer)?

5. Man-made amenities: Do you need power and phone today, or can you wait awhile for it to come to you?

6. God-made amenities: Do you want lots of trees, a stream, rock outcroppings, pastures, meadows?

Most important, what can you afford to invest in your property? I can offer an owner contract on properties I own so you don't need all cash. Let me know how much you want to put down and how much you can invest each month.

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