Land for all Seasons

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300 Days of Sunshine


Whether you are looking  for an area that offers you the best of all seasons, breathtaking views, pristine wilderness scenery, or endless amounts of recreational activities, you have found the place to be. with over 300 days of  sunshine and less then 20″ of moisture per year.  The unprecedented 360 degree scenic blue sky views of the Cascade mountain range to the West and the Rockies to the East embedded by the boundless limits of National Forest land, the Okanogan Highlands surely has everything and anything to satisfy your recreational land and activity needs.

My First Visit

compass_64When I visited the Okanogan for the first time in the late 1970’s, I was just South of the Canadian border visiting Antoine Valley Ranch, I was immediately and  pleasantly surprised by all that this secret magical pristine area could offer by just observing what lay before my eyes. As I spent more time on the Eastern side of the mountains, the Okanogan soon became a major part of who I am today. I have always enjoyed recreational activities such as, snowshoeing, fly fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, etc. immersing myself in the recreational lifestyle the Okanogan Highlands has to offer, these activities became a way of life for myself and my family. I would love the opportunity to be able to share with you over 31 years of personal and professional knowledge and experience of all that the Okanogan Highlands has to offer, about the Okanogan Highlands, is that it is still one of Washington States’ and also the Northwests’ best kept secrets. There is simply just not another place like it on this planet. I am committed to making sure that you will be able to enjoy the Okanogan Highlands as my family, friends, and I have, now its your turn to own a piece of one of the best kept secrets in Washington.

Okanogan County

Wild flowers of all colors

Okanogan County is the largest county in the Northwest and third largest county in the U.S.A.  You will have a lifetime of adventure with over 1,750,000 acres of the Okanogan National Forest, and another 800,000 acres of State Public lands giving you all the room you will ever want to explore and enjoy for your year-round recreation.

The Okanogan Highlands

You will not find a place that has more to offer than the Okanogan Highlands when looking for recreation. The area is surrounded by boundless National Forest land and encompassed with the Cascade Mountains to the west, and the Rockies to the east, offering you year around snow-capped mountain views, as well as vibrant landscape views that allow you to enjoy the brilliant hue transition between all four seasons. The beauty of nature and the calm of the wilderness creates a relaxed environment, and provides for simple lifestyle and overall easy way of life.

A true four seasons

Land was part of an old homestead, you will have lots of wild strawberries and wild Roses to enjoy

The Okanogan Highlands provides us the opportunity to experience the best of all four distinct seasons; ranging from cool Spring’s to warm Summers, and crisp Fall’s to snowy Winters. The Highlands have numerous alpine lakes for you to fish, swim, or simply just view for pleasure.  Washington State and Okanogan National Forest lands provide year-round activities.  Turn your dreams in real adventures and experience what the Okanogan has to offer you.

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